Without Rule Of Law

The Story Begins...

Without Rule of Law is at its core a Survival game in its early stages of development. However, we have many twist and unique features and ideas in store for you the player. It is an unfinished game and will have several non-working or bugged systems and items in the game.. If you would like to donate and help us get this game out, do so here: https://www.paypal.me/RonnieBright


Feb 10th 2017 --

Version 0.011 has been pushed. Please update. This will wipe all presvious buildings you have built.
--Added Generic building textures so that it kind of looks like wood
--Added Wood gathering from trees (still no hatchet swing animation)
--Added Stone gathering from rocks (only certain rocks, normally smaller rounder ones, and still no animations for pickaxe swing)
--Added client loading screen with some game information and tips for play.
--Added underwater effects, so that when you go under water, the camera and sound feels like.. well, your under water.. (NOT been Tested and could possibly be broke)
--Added function to turn on or off campfire (not tested, and not sure if it will work for multiplayer)
-Fixed, tree force when being hit, trees will no longer look like you just kicked the winning field goal, they will stop pop up out of the ground, then fall slowly

Feb 5th 2017 --

Version 0.009 Big update is available.
--Equip the hatchet and click on a tree with it, you will now get wood.
--Starting items added, Hatchet and PickAxe (No animations, just place holders)
--More optimizations will come, as thi sis very rough right now, but at least you can gather wood, and I think stone (Stone is not needed for anything at the moment). Which means you can build houses.
--Todo- fix animations, add actual PickAxe Graphic. Game saving, add AI NPC's, weather conditions, and Redesign map. Lots more to do.. So little time to do it in.

Feb 3rd 2017 --

We have pushed out update 0.008, if you have not updated your client yet, please do so.
This update is a full wipe!

Currently I am working on getting the new Harvest system working properly. Hopefully Sunday's update will be a big one and you will enjoy those updates.

Thanks for playing!